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Please note that Komeer will only run on devices running either Android or Apple iOS operating systems. Komeer will not run on devices running Microsoft Windows.
Click on the icon above to start the installation process for your device. View the screen shots below for assistance. The screenshots are for Android Devices only.
1. For Android users click on the Google Play image above 2. Click ‘INSTALL
3. Click ‘CONTINUE
4. Click ‘SKIP’. DO NOT select any payment option. This APP is free to Parents & Guardians 5. Click ‘CONTINUE This will complete the installation of the APP on your device.
6. For 1st Time Use click ‘OPEN
8. Under ‘Sign Up with Your Email enter your Email Address and your Password. Confirm your Password. Use a strong password with a minimum of 8 characters and use Upper and Lower Case letters, at least one number and a special character.
9. After you have entered your email address and password click ‘SIGN UP
10. Enter your own name and address You will have to scroll down the screen to complete this section.
11. DO NOT CLICK SUBMIT until you have entered your children’s details. 12. Click ‘Add Child +
13. Enter your childs details - First Name, Middle Name and Last Name. 14. Where it says Search for your Child’s Group(s) enter ‘Scoil San Carlo Senior You will see as you type the list of schools will get smaller until your school is shown. In the example entering Scoil Sa brought up Scoil San Carlo Senior. Click on your schools name.
15. Enter your additional Children by clicking on ‘Add Child +’ and following the instrustions from number 12. When all of your children have been added click ‘SUBMIT
16. A pop-up will appear to confirm that your details have been added correctly. The pop-up will disappear leaving this screen. This is your ALERTS screen. It is the first screen that you will see when you login to the app.
Clicking the 3 lines symbol will show you a drop-down list. You can logout of the system at any tme.
After the KOMEER App is installed the icon below will appear on the screen on your device. Click on the icon to access the app. Enter your email address and your password OR Click on the LOGIN WITH GOOGLE+ button