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San Carlo Senior School Uniform
Plain Wine Jumper/Cardigan or
Crested Wine Jumper/Cardigan
Tartan Skirt/Tartan Pinafore/black Trousers
School Tie
White Shirt
Crested School Tracksuit
Plain White Polo Shirt
Black Shoes/Runners for P.E.
All of the above are available in Bernard Owens, Main
Street, Leixlip and are Irish made to a high quality. 
This supports the national economy and local business. 
However, should parents/guardians wish to buy elsewhere
this option is open to them except in the case of the school
tartan skirt/pinafore, tracksuit and tie.
The purpose of the crested tracksuit and tie is to preserve
the school identify and ethos and, also, in the interest of
Health and Safety, when pupils are on trips outside school,
as it makes them more easily identifiable and visible.
Third Class Book List 2018 - 2019
Fourth Class Book List 2018 - 2019
Fifth Class Book List 2018 - 2019
Sixth Class Book List 2018 - 2019
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