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Working together as a school community, we are prioritising wellbeing in the 2018-2019 academic year and ensuring that pupils in San Carlo SNS  feel safe and happy in school. In October we officially opened  our Nurture Room. Our Nurture group was very  excited when Susan Gibney,  from Nurture Ireland, came to  visit our school for the official  opening.
Our Nurture Group starts everyday together in  the Nurture Room. They enjoy a range of  activities which include: Circle Time: First thing every morning the children gather  on our comfy cushions and couch for circle  time.  They share their news and play various  different games. The children explore different feelings they  may have and are encouraged to think of  others feelings too. This is a picture of The Blob Tree and The Feelings Wall which help the children talk about their feelings. Target Setting:  The children have learned to set targets for  themselves in their classrooms and their lives  at home too. These goals are analysed by their  teachers and by the children themselves every  day, to monitor progress. The children are  rewarded for achieving these goals. They  decide on the rewards they would like such as a sweet treat, extra playtime with a friend, hot  chocolate or a homework pass. Breakfast Club We host a breakfast club each Friday morning  in the Nurture Room. We eat toast together, topped with butter or  jam (or nutella on special occasions!) We enjoy a glass of milk or water with our breakfast. During this meal time the children chat about  their highlights from the week and their plans  for the weekend. We also play games like “I  Spy”.
The children also practice skills such as using  table manners, setting the table, using cutlery appropriately and washing/drying dishes. Artwork: The children engage in art activities relevant  to the topics they have been learning about.  The following artwork was completed by the  children this term. Quiet Time: In nurture group the children are encouraged  to have some quiet time to think and reflect  on their feelings/behaviour. Meditation is used to give the children an  opportunity to relax and take some time out. A quiet space has been set up in the classroom  for children to go to also. The following  picture shows the quiet space in the nurture  room. Yoga We are very lucky to have a yoga lesson with  Ms. Kirwan every week. They have already  learnt lots of new poses like the cobra,  downward-facing dog, tree pose, and many  more strange and wonderful shapes and  movements!
Yoga is an important tool for children to learn  how to use their bodies to find a sense of  strength and calm within. We also teach  breathing and relaxation techniques in the  yoga class that the children can use at any  stage during their day to help them feel all  those lovely, fuzzy, good feelings that make  our days go so much better. Group work: The children are encouraged to work together  through play and engaging in group activities.  We are learning to take turns, have patience  and co-operate with others in the group by  playing board games and card games. The children have been enjoyed playing ‘The  Socially Speaking’ board game this term. Their favourite card games to play are “Go Fish” and “Snap”.
This week the Nurture group made ghosts made out of bamboo sticks, felt, plastic and white sheets. Then we put them out in the garden. The older Nurture group carved pumpkins and we put them out in the garden as well. We also decorated the herb wheel with warning tape and fake spider webs then we put the pumpkins in the middle of the herb wheel. So drop down to Scoil San Carlo’s garden and get spooked by the HERB WHEEL OF HORROR!!!!
The Junior Nurture Group had great fun doing Christmas arts and crafts and baking this month