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The Green Schools Committee was established
in October 2015. There are two pupils from
each class on the committee and we are
working on the theme of Litter and Waste. By
reducing the amount of litter and waste in and
around the school we hope to be awarded the
coveted Green Flag.
We have begun our work by reminding every
class of the items that can be put in the
recycling bins in each classroom i.e. paper,
card, plastic bottles, clean yoghurt cartons and
clean kitchen foil.
Batteries, printer cartridges, and old clean
clothes can also be recycled through the
school. If you have any of these items at home
please send them in to us for recycling.
We have also been gathering all the fallen
leaves and are composting them in the school
From this
To this
Our Green Schools Committee is working hard to achieve the
Green Flag for our school. Our application has been submitted to
An Taisce. We have discovered that a large portion of waste
generated in the school is food waste from lunch boxes. Due to
limited composting facilities, we request that all food waste be
brought home and disposed of in domestic brown compost bins.
We appreciate your support and cooperation in this matter.
The Green Schools Committee met with
Mr. Dara Wyre
, Environment Awareness Officer, Kildare County
Council on Friday 27th January.
The purpose of the meeting was to assess if the committee had made sufficient progress in the Litter
and Waste Theme for the Green Flag to be awarded to the school.
Pupils discussed with Dara the various tasks they had undertaken and the progress made during the
previous two years in reducing the waste produced in the school. Dara checked that the committee
had completed all seven steps of the programme.
Dara was particularly impressed with the efforts being made to reduce food waste with all classes
being reminded on a regular basis to bring home waste food from lunches and dispose of it in their
domestic brown bin.
While we are still awaiting confirmation from An Taisce that our application was successful we
remain quietly confident and will continue with our good work.
Scoil San Carlo Senior School has been awarded the
Green Flag - a wonderful achievement for our school.
Thank you to the Green Schools Committee,
Mr O Casaide, pupils, staff and parents.
Flag raising ceremony will be held in May.
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