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Nurture room pupils made shortbread houses
Engineering stable bridges and houses in Mr. Sherlock's science class
We’ve been busy harvesting the fruits and vegetables in the garden over the last week or two. The beds were in an awful mess after the summer holidays and it’s taking a long time to get all the weeds cleared! We brought the produce round to classrooms and it was all taken home! For example, Melissa made mini apple slices and Hazel made rhubarb crumble, yum!
Ms. O’Shea’s class creating ‘junk art’ on Friday after chatting about recycling and climate change
WEEK 2019 ROOM 3 & 8
Ms. Bucheals 3rd Class Stoneage Project
We recently held elections for the first ever school  student council. Pupils were elected from each class from 4th to 6th by their own classmates to represent their view and ideas on how to improve school life  and promote new projects. Meet our first ever San Carlo Student Council in the  photo below! 
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Test flights of kites made in Space Week Workshop held in Scoil San Carlo 2nd October in Mr. Flatleys class