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Scoil San Carlo is a senior primary school catering for boys and girls from 8  years to 12 years. Scoil San Carlo is a school with a catholic tradition and  ethos, however, we welcome children of all faiths and none.   Our school recognises the variety of differences that exist among children and the need to appreciate and respect all difference both ethnic and  cultural.
This week the Nurture group made ghosts made out of bamboo sticks, felt, plastic and white sheets. Then we put them out in the garden. The older Nurture group carved pumpkins and we put them out in the garden as well. We also decorated the herb wheel with warning tape and fake spider webs then we put the pumpkins in the middle of the herb wheel. So drop down to Scoil San Carlo’s garden and get spooked by the HERB WHEEL OF HORROR!!!!
My name is Reva and I am 11 years old. The book I published is called "The Legend of the Book of Secrets".
The book is about a girl moving into a new house but she realises that there is someone or something enchanted in her house that needs help!
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Ms Connolly’s Fifth class made Slime for Science week
3rd/4th class Mini Soccer Leagues 2019 Well done to all the pupils who took part in the recent 3rd and 4th class mini soccer leagues in the school. Over 90 pupils played. The standard was amazing and the sportsmanship was wonderful. Here are the overall winners
Ms O Shea’s class have been very busy recently combining Art and Craft with Science! Firstly, a few weeks ago, they constructed volcanoes using a salt dough base. Then, this week, they mixed vinegar and baking soda to see if they could re-create the eruption process. You can see what happened in the photos below...
Mr. Sherlock's class completed a marathon over 7 weeks in conjunction with the Marathon Kids Ireland programme. Here they are in Morton Stadium Santry following completion of their final mile.
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Dear Parents / Guardians, The week of June 2nd - 5th is Wellbeing Week. Wellbeing means feeling good and strong, having energy, helping others and being proud because we are doing our best. There will be some suggested academic work but the emphasis will be on pupils keeping positive, thankful and enjoying movement and exercise. We hope  all  the pupils enjoy these activities and please don't forget to send the teachers any photographs of  pupils completing the activities. The photos will be displayed in the Pupils' Workzone section of the school website. Hopefully the good weather, which improves everyone's mood, will continue and we all get a chance to enjoy the sunshine this bank holiday weekend. 3rd Classes   https://padlet.com/sscsnsmaryb/Bookmarks 4th Classes    https://padlet.com/msward5/cup6jzyuk4i0 5th Classes      https://padlet.com/SSCSNS/2ltmqb08o5u170v6 6th Classes      https://padlet.com/sscsnseoinmcc/v2ryzafl87j9 Mind yourselves and stay safe. Le gach dea ghuí Seán Seán Ó Casaide Principal
FLAGS FOR OUR FRONTLINE HEROES Hang your Flags Country, County, Club, Provincial to show your support for Frontline Workers during the COVID-19 crisis
Across the country, children are coming to a new realisation that heroes come in many forms and that many of them in fact are in their own homes. In the face of the Global COVID-19 pandemic, these heroes are their parents, cousins, neighbours and friends who are spending long hours, day and night, fighting to ensure that this virus is controlled and lives are protected. Education and sporting organisations, propose that, as a show of support for those workers and volunteers on front lines at this critical time, all children who have a flag in their national, county or club colours, or whatever team they follow across any code, would hang that flag from their gate posts, windows, or wherever they would normally place a flag when  supporting their county club or team ahead of an important match. If they don’t have a flag, children could be encouraged to create a flag on a sheet of paper or cardboard, or by doing some sewing, with the added benefit of keeping them occupied for a while. While sports events at the moment are currently postponed, such a show of solidarity from the children of the country towards those on the front line will demonstrate our gratitude for their marvellous dedication to their critical work at this extraordinary time. Hanging out the flags will also provide colour to lift everybody at a time when people are psychologically feeling the effects of this terrible pandemic. We hope that in the coming days, with your help, every road, street, lane, avenue, estate and apartment complex will be festooned with colour to honour our heroes - our families, neighbours and friends in the front-line services.
NEPS Advice & Resources for keeping Children and Young People well during Covid-19 PUPILSí ----- IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT -----  Enrolment to 3rd Class in Scoil San Carlo Senior School   Dear Parents / Guardians,  Due to current restrictions we have been forced to change our enrolment procedure. All pupils transferring from Scoil San Carlo Junior School are automatically entitled to a place in Scoil San Carlo Senior.   To facilitate a smooth transition to the new school I would request that each parent / guardian emails the school at office@scoilsancarlo.ie with the following information, please do so even if you have already posted a hard copy to the school.  i) 	Pupls name ii) 	Confirmation that you are accepting a place for your child in  Scoil San Carlo Senior School iii) 	Name of pupils Second Class teacher iv) 	Parent(s) / Guardian(s) Name v)  	Parent(s) / Guardian(s) Telephone number  This information must be submitted by Friday May 3rd 2020  The formal school Enrolment Form will be completed when the school reopens.  Le gach dea ghuŪ  SeŠn SeŠn ” Casaide, Principal, Scoil San Carlo S.N.S.
As an Active School we would encourage as many people, INDIVIDUALLY OR AS A FAMILY, as possible to participate. Take photos or video of yourselves and your family being active and send them to ssc.activschoolweek@gmail.com and they will be displayed on the school website
Education Passport
Your child will soon be moving from primary school to post-primary school As part of your child’s Education Passport we invite you to add information about your child by completing these forms. Please complete the forms by first clicking on the appropriate links. When you have completed the form click on the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the form and it will be sent to the school principal automatically.
To be completed by the pupilís Parent / Guardian To be completed by the Pupil going to post-primary school
Transition to Second Level - An Adventure & a Challenge -
Key areas addressed are: Junior Cycle what’s new. Supporting teens to manage change. Identifying common areas of concern and how to be prepared Trouble shooting and where to go for support. Embracing change and being open to new opportunities.
Event Date: 11th June 2020 Time: 3pm to 4pm Capacity: 100 Cut-off Date: 10th June 2020
PRINT To be completed by the pupilís Parent / Guardian To be completed by the Pupil going into 3rd class
Your child will soon be moving from 2nd class in San Carlo Junior National School to 3rd class in San Carlo Senior National School. As part of your child’s transition to their new school we invite you to add information about your child by completing these forms. Please complete the forms by first clicking on the appropriate links. When you have completed the form click on the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the form and it will be sent to the school principal automatically.
Please click the image above to view a welcome message from the principal of Scoil San Carlo Senior National School and your child’s new teachers
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